Main information:

Contact persons at headquarters


Museum department (M)

Head: Dr Sabine Heym
Deputy: Dr Werner Helmberger


Dr Sabine Heym
tel +49 89 17908-300, fax -308

Responsible for the Munich Residence (Treasury only); exhibitions, general departmental matters, new acquisitions, special projects
Special assignment: tapestries

Special project Cadolzburg:
Dr. Uta Piereth, tel +49 89 17908-327 and
Dr. Sebastian Karnatz, tel +49 89 17908-326


Dr Friederike Ulrichs and Dr Gudrun Szczepanek
tel +49 89 17908-310, fax -308

Responsible for Kelheim (excluding the Walhalla), Neuburg (Höchstädt Palace only), and Nymphenburg (Marstall Museum only)
Special assignment: ceramics


Dr Uwe Gerd Schatz
tel +49 89 17908-315, fax -308

Responsible for Herrenchiemsee (excluding Julius Exter's House), Linderhof, Neuschwanstein, and Starnberger See; King Ludwig II-archive


Dr Brigitte Langer
tel +49 89 17908-362, fax -308

Responsible for Landshut, Neuburg (excluding Höchstädt), Nymphenburg (excluding Marstall Museum and central depots), and Schleißheim
Special assignment: historic furniture of Old Bavaria/Swabia


Dr Christian Quaeitzsch
tel +49 89 17908-325, fax -308

Responsible for the Munich Residence (excluding the Treasury), the English Garden Munich, and Kelheim (Walhalla only); short-term loans
Special assignmenst: textiles (excluding tapestries), goldsmith work


Dr Werner Helmberger
tel +49 89 17908-330, fax -308

Responsible for Aschaffenburg, Bayreuth (Garden Museum Fantaisie Palace only), and Würzburg
Special assignments: clocks, garden history


Dr Peter O. Krückmann
tel +49 89 17908-335, fax -308

Responsible for Bayreuth (excluding Plassenburg and Garden Museum Fantaisie Palace), Coburg, and Kempten; volunteers and trainees
Special assignment: paintings


Dr Christoph Graf von Pfeil
tel +49 89 17908-350, fax -308

Responsible for Ansbach and Bamberg; cultural asset protection
Special assignment: historic furniture in Franconia


Dr Thorsten Marr
tel +49 89 17908-142, fax -308

Responsible for Ammersee and Herrenchiemsee (Julius Exter's House only); educational function of the museums, information for visitors


Katharina Heinemann M.A.
tel +49 89 17908-320, fax -308

Responsible for Bayreuth (Plassenburg Castle at Kulmbach only) and Nuremberg; organization of special exhibitions by the museum department
Special assignment: graphic


Andrea Fürstenau M.A.
tel +49 89 17908-307, fax -308

Inventory, long-term loans, central museum depots at Nymphenburg
special library


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