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Further plans – the garden plants of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The Bavarian Palace Administration however also has further plans for the walled castle garden involving the garden plants of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which are to be shown in a setting that recreates the original features of a medieval garden (grassy banks, high beds, simple small sculpted and tub trees etc) At a later stage, the narrow meadow areas between the two baileys surrounding the main castle will also be planted again with high-stemmed fruit trees and opened up to visitors.

Relaxation and information

Picnic seats for visitors are available in a separate small garden, and there is also a vending machine from which the concise Cadolzburg guide can be obtained. In the outer ward the large seat surrounding the old linden tree on the lawn in front of the castle garden is also an ideal place to relax while enjoying a picturesque view.

Washing place for horses and carts – the horse pond

Next to the walled castle garden is the old horse pond, parts of which may even date back to the Middle Ages. The horse pond was an important element of the domestic facilities in the outer ward until the late 18th century, and in the 19th century served as a reservoir for fire-fighting purposes. In the mid-20th century, the part of the pond above ground was removed and the water basin was filled up.

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Horse pond

In the course of the archaeological excavations carried out during the renovation and restoration of the outer areas of the castle complex, large sections of the pond were uncovered. As they were well preserved, it was decided to carefully complete and repair them. With the restoration of the garden wall which surrounded the pond on three sides, the original layout of the outer ward was re-established.

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