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Picture: Look-out, Schönbusch Park

The main feature of the visitor centre is the exhibition on the history of the Schönbusch landscape garden.

The title of the exhibition "Everything appears natural, so well concealed is the design" is a quote from a book by the famous garden expert C.C.L. Hirschfeld, who visited Schönbusch in 1783.

The exhibition is divided into seven main sections. In addition to the central theme, the development of Schönbusch, the exhibition also documents the history of the park in the 19th and 20th centuries and current conservation measures:

  1. A new idea for the game park
    Aschaffenburg and the Archdiocese of Mainz
    The beginnings of Schönbusch: the hunting grounds of the Mainz prince-bishops
    The small hunting lodge at the edge of the game park
    The patron, his architect, and an enthusiastic supporter of the new type of garden design

  2. The beginnings of the landscape garden
    The wide belt walk as the starting point
    With axe and spade – the first court gardeners in Schönbusch
    "Fie! This must be changed soon".
    A pavilion for a prince

  3. The first attractions
    Trees from America – exotic plants in the park
    With shovel and "trenching basket" – the construction of a miniature mountain range
    Finches and nightingales – birdsong in Schönbusch
    Festivities on the water – the boats at Schönbusch
    "A swing, ‘Maulaff’ (a ball game) and a roundabout" – games in the garden

  4. The emergence of the classical landscape garden
    A new plan – grand visions
    A young genius – Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell
    Perspectives and views

  5. "Everything appears natural, so well concealed is the design"
    Meadowed valleys and beautiful trees
    Temples and pavilions
    Babbling brooks and peaceful lakes
    Pictures in the garden – landscape painting as a source of inspiration

  6. The fate of the park
    The elector's garden as a public recreation area
    From landscape garden to municipal park

  7. Tasks involved in the conservation of a historic garden
    Park maintenance – a constant activity throughout the year
    Historic garden conservation

Various models are on display in the exhibition, such as a large model of the park, which shows the northeastern section of Schönbusch as it was in the early 19th century. Besides, the exhibition shows the model of a garden swing, a park ship and the not more existing garden roundabout of Schönbusch; the latter as a functioning model. The copy of the figure used for the ball game "Maulaff", which is in the Aschaffenburg municipal museum, was made in the sculpture workshop of the Bavarian Palace Administration.

For children there is a separate area which invites to the game.

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Kleine Schönbuschallee 1
63741 Aschaffenburg
Telephone 06021 625478

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28-31 March: Saturdays, sundays and holidays: 11 am-4 pm

April-4 October: Saturdays, sundays and holidays:
11 am-6 pm

5 October-27 March: closed

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Guided tours

For groups it is possible to book guided tours in English and French on the garden exhibition and the park.

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