Aktuelle Meldungen und Informationen aus den Schlössern, Gärten und Seen der Bayerischen Schlösserverwaltung:


External link to the poster showing the official hygiene and conduct rules (PDF)

General information and FAQs for visiting our sights during the restrictions due to COVID-19

Most of our houses are currently open to the public. To ensure neither our guests nor our staff are endangered by COVID-19, we’ve prepared a health and hygiene concept for each of our properties involving specific measures and defining which rooms can be safely accessed. The official hygiene and conduct rules of course apply for visits to all the sights and notices will be posted in each place as a reminder.

You’re probably going to have some questions before you visit one of our sights. Some of these you will find answered here. Otherwise we would ask you to look on the website of the places you are interested in before you visit.


Frequently asked questions

Which sights are open?

Ansbach Ansbach Residence

Johannisburg Palace

New Residence in Bamberg
Seehof Palace

New Palace (closed: Italian Palace)
Margravial Opera House

Bayreuth/Donndorf Fantaisie Palace

Burghausen Burghausen Castle

Cadolzburg Cadolzburg Castle

Ehrenburg Palace
Rosenau Palace (Rödental)

Donaustauf Walhalla

Eichstätt Willibaldsburg Castle

Ellingen Residence

Feldafing on the Starnberger See Casino / Island villa

Herrenchiemsee Island
New Palace and King Ludwig II Museum
Museum in the Augustinian Monastery (Old Palace)

Höchstädt Höchstädt Palace

Kelheim Hall of Liberation

Kempten Kempten Residence

Königssee St. Bartholomew's Church

Kulmbach Plassenburg Castle

Landshut Trausnitz Castle

Linderhof Linderhof Palace

Ludwigsstadt Lauenstein Castle

Munich Residence, Treasury, Cuvilliés Theatre
Nymphenburg Palace (with Amalienburg, Badenburg; closed: Pagodenburg, Magdalenenklause)

Neuburg an der Donau Neuburg Palace

Neuschwanstein Neuschwanstein Castle

Nürnberg Imperial Castle

Prunn/Altmühltal Prunn Castle

Schleißheim New Palace
Lustheim Palace

Schnaittach Rothenberg Fortress Ruins

Würzburg Würzburg Residence

What will still be closed?

Aschaffenburg Schönbusch Palace

Bayreuth Hermitage Old Palace

Bayreuth/Sanspareil Zwernitz Castle and Oriental Building

Chiemsee Julius Exter's House

Dachau Dachau Palace

Holzhausen on the Ammersee Mathias and Anna Sophie Gasteiger's House

Landshut Town Residence

Linderhof Hunding's Hut in the palace park

Hall of Fame and Statue of Bavaria
Nymphenburg Palace Park: Pagodenburg and Magdalenenklause
Blutenburg Palace Chapel

Nürnberg Deep Well and Sinwell Tower at the Imperial Castle

Schachen King's House on Schachen

Veitshöchheim Veitshöchheim Palace

Würzburg Maschikuli Tower on Marienberg Fortress

It would not normally be possible to open these properties, where the rooms are often small, without endangering the health of visitors and staff.

Please also note that Schleißheim Old Palace will probably remain closed until November 2020 due to renovation measures and that Neuburg Palace will unfortunately have to remain closed to visitors from 28 September 2020 until the end of May 2021 due to construction work. The Ansbach Residence will unfortunately also not be open to visitors from 5 to 16 October 2020 due to construction work.

What form will visits to a palace or castle take?

The King Ludwig II palaces of Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof as well as Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg, Rosenau Palace in Rödental, the Kempten Residence, Lauenstein Castle in Ludwigsstadt, the Casino on Rose Island (Starnberger See) and the Rothenberg Fortress Ruins near Schnaittach can only be visited by participating in a guided tour.
Please note that the group sizes had to be significantly reduced due to hygiene regulations. This means that, in some cases, only about 10% of the previously permitted visitors can take part in the guided tours per day!

You can go round all the other sights on your own; the maximum number of visitors will be considerably reduced. Unfortunately, guided tours and group visits are generally not possible in these houses.

Please expect waiting times and restrictions in all properties, such as altered routes or room closures.

Can everything be seen as usual?

In order to avoid bottlenecks and be able to open some properties at all, it has generally been necessary to change the routes round the palaces. There will be one-way systems; dead ends and very small rooms will be blocked off. We’ve made every effort to ensure that the main rooms in every place will be accessible. Where interactive stations were a regular feature, most of them have been removed, otherwise they are being regularly cleaned.

Are there any other restrictions for visitors?

Because of the 10 m² regulation (only one visitor per 10 m²), the maximum number of visitors per day and the group size in the properties with guided tours will be considerably reduced (in some cases, only about 10% of the previously permitted visitors can visit the houses). This and the social distancing rule, which it is essential to observe, may result in waiting times in the entrance area, at the cash desks or at individual points during your tour of the rooms. It may sometimes not even be possible to visit on the day you want. We would therefore ask for your understanding and your active participation in observing social distancing, for the safety of everyone.

Anyone who has had contact with a person infected with COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to a planned visit, or who feels unwell, is requested not to visit.

The Palace Administration’s parks and gardens are open. Particular precautionary measures are however in place here (avoid collecting in a group, maintain a distance from other people etc.) Please observe the regulations posted at the entrance to the parks.

Must I provide my contact details?

In the sights where you can go round on your own it is not necessary to provide contact data.

In the properties only accessible with a guided tour (Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof, Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg, Rosenau Palace in Rödental, the Kempten Residence, Lauenstein Castle in Ludwigsstadt, the Casino on Rose Island and the Rothenberg Fortress Ruins near Schnaittach) the Palace Administration is obliged to take down the contact data of the visitors, as restaurants are already doing, in order to enable the health authorities to follow infection chains.

Visitors who are unwilling to do this will unfortunately not be able to participate in the tour.

The data are stored for a month and then destroyed.

Further information on data protection can be found here.

It will help us admit visitors more rapidly if you could print out and complete our form for the collection of contact data beforehand.

Must I wear a mask?

Yes. Please bring your own TEXTILE mask and wear it for the protection of other visitors and our staff from the moment you enter the house and during the entire tour. Visitors without a mask must unfortunately be refused entry, even if a medical certificate confirming that they cannot/should not wear a mask is presented.

Can large bags etc. be handed in at the cloakroom?

Only a very limited number of jackets and larger bags can currently be left in lockers or cloakrooms. Please therefore try and make sure any bag you bring with you is no larger than DIN A4 size.

Are the opening times the same as before?

Yes, the normal opening times still apply.

Are the admission charges the same as before?

The normal admission charges will basically still apply.

How do I get my ticket?

You will usually have to get your entrance ticket at the relevant cash desk. You can pay in cash, and payment by card is possible in most places.

Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle:

To avoid congestion at the windows of the ticket centre, entrance tickets in price category 1 (regular price) can only be bought online at the moment: www.ticket-center-hohenschwangau.de (booking fee 2.50 euros)

Note for families to book online: Children need their own ticket (free ticket, booking fee 2.50 euros) to enter the castle. Please take this into account when booking online.

Visitors who are entitled to buy reduced tickets or have free admission (annual ticket, 14-day ticket, etc.) are kindly requested to buy their tickets at the ticket centre. Please expect considerable waiting times; it is also possible that a visit on the desired day is not possible at all.

Will my season ticket etc. be valid for longer?

The validity of the annual season tickets and ‘Königsschlösser’ combination tickets will be extended as follows because of the COVID-19 closure:

Annual tickets and combination tickets due to expire between 14.3. and 30.6.2020 will be extended until 30.12.2020.

Annual tickets and combination tickets due to expire between 1.7.2020 and 13.3.2021 will be extended until 30.6.2021.

Our cash desk staff have been informed accordingly; it is not necessary to exchange the tickets.

Does my season ticket etc. mean I don’t have to wait?

No. Because of the various access systems or allocation to a guided tour, even if you have an annual season ticket, a 14-day ticket or a ‘Königsschlösser’ combination ticket, you will still unfortunately have to get the corresponding free ticket at the cash desk.

Will media guides be available?

The multimedia facilities will only be available to a very limited extent. The devices will of course be regularly cleaned; it is however also up to visitors whether they choose to use them.

Are group visits or tours possible?

Due to protective measures, group visits are currently only possible in some of our houses and only to an extremely limited extent. Also tours on particular topics and special programmes i.e. for children can only take place to a very limited extent at present.

Are the restaurants on site open?

Yes with the corresponding regulations for gastronomic businesses. There may be exceptions, so please contact the relevant restaurant to find out if and when it is open.

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