Technical help

Control the movement through the panormas and virtual tours

Picture: Control panell

Press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the desired direction. Also you can use the buttons "right, left, up or down".

Use the Shift-key to zoom in, the Ctrl-key to zoom out. You may also zoom using the mouse wheel.


Erklärung der Symbole

button down button left button right button up

desired direction

button zoom in button zoom out

zoom in or out

button start autorotation

start autorotation & sound on

button home view

home view

button show quick start guide button hide quick start guide

show or hide quick start guide

button sound on button sound off

sound on or off

button show hotspots button hide hotspots

show or hide hotspots

button enter fullscreen mode button exit fullscreen mode

enter or exit fullscreen mode

button show floor plan button hide floor plan

show or hide floor plan

button show front elevation button hide front elevation button choose season button hide session

show or hide front elevation; choose or hide season

button choose other locations button hide Google maps

choose other locations or hide Goggle maps

button show as flat picture button show as panorama

show as flat picture or show as panorama


Hotspots und Informationstafeln

Button Hotspot Button Hotspot

By clicking the hotspots ("pulsating" circles) you could "walk" from room to room. Of course, you can use the floor plan to navigate through one floor or the front elevation to change between floors. To navigate to another Palace, Garden, ... please use the GoogleMap.

Button Info

By clicking the information sign "i" you will receive detailed information about the shown room or landscape. These are displayed as information panels. Close the panels by clicking on the word "Close".