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Contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage!


The Bavarian palaces, castles, residences, artists’ houses and gardens are the jewels of our state. Help us preserve Bavaria’s cultural heritage! The maintenance of historical sites is extraordinarily complex and expensive. The entrance fees cover only a fraction of the maintenance costs, which are borne by the Free State of Bavaria. Your donation will help to save historical buildings, unique works of art and magnificent parks for future generations. Every contribution is valuable and particularly welcome!

Donations can be made online by debit, credit card or instant bank transfer.
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Donation receipt: In Germany you don’t need a special receipt for donations under 200 euros; German tax offices accept a copy of your bank transfer form instead. For donations of 200 euros and over you will automatically receive a written donation certificate.

With your donation you will be supporting current restoration and maintenance projects of the Bavarian Palace Department.

We would like to ask you specifically for help with the following current project:

Restoration of a three-winged altar

The middle panel of the small folding altar shows a crucifixion group; at the feet of the crucified Christ an opulently dressed Mary Magdalene clasps the base of the cross. Two small donor figures in patrician attire kneel in the lower corners of the picture. On the left-hand wing is St Dorothy, at her feet three women in bourgeois clothing at prayer. On the other wing is a similar composition showing St Bavo with four kneeling men. The figures in the side wings are presumably the children of the two donors.


Picture: Three-winged  altar

Three-winged altar, c. 73.2 x 28/56.5 cm, tempera with pressed brocade and gilding on wood


This altar, which from its style dates from around 1500, shows painting of an appealing character attributable to Rhenish or Early Netherlandish influence. It has been well preserved, but further restoration measures are necessary to bring out the quality of the panels to the full. An incomplete, probably contemporary inscription on the lower edge of the frame is of particular interest and needs to be examined more closely. This might be the only clue to the identity of the donors, who are shown but are not named or verifiable by coats of arms.

From 2017 the altar will be presented as a museum piece in the Hohenzollern castle of Cadolzburg near Nuremberg where it will feature as an outstanding example of Christian art on the eve of the Reformation.

If you would like to support these project, please use our donation form. Thank you.

If you are interested in making larger or regular donations or in other forms of support, or if you have any questions, the following contact person in the Bavarian Palace Department will be glad to be of assistance:

Claudia Albrecht
Schloss Nymphenburg, Eingang 16, 80638 München
Telephone +49 89 17908-203
Telefax +49 89 17908-190

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