Hall of Liberation at Kelheim

Picture: Hall of Liberation at Kelheim

The memorial commemorating the victorious battles against Napoleon in the Wars of Liberation in 1813-1815 was commissioned by King Ludwig I and begun by Friedrich Gärtner, who modelled it on centrally planned buildings from ancient Rome and the Italian Middle Ages. It was completed from modified plans in 1863 by Leo von Klenze.

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The supporting buttresses of the façade are crowned by 18 monumental statues which are allegories of the German tribes. The number 18 also symbolizes the date of the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig (18.10.1813), when Napoleon's troops suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Coalition.

Live pictures of the Hall of Liberation you will find here:

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Object information:

Responsible administrative office

Verwaltung der Befreiungshalle Kelheim
Befreiungshallestraße 3
93309 Kelheim
Telefon (0 94 41) 6 82 07-0
Fax (0 94 41) 6 82 07-20
befreiungshalle.kelheim@ bsv.bayern.de

Opening hours

Mid-March to 31 October:
9 am-6 pm
1 November to mid-March:
9 am-4 pm
open daily

Tickets on sale
Mid-March to 31 October:
9 am-5.15 pm
1 November to mid-March:
9 am-3.15 pm

Closed on: January 1, Shrove Tuesday, December 24/25/31

Renovation of the façade until the end of 2017

Hall of Liberation remains open to the public

Scaffolding is currently being erected round the Hall of Liberation. The interior is not affected by this and is open to the public as usual. Only the upper exterior gallery will be closed to visitors from 4 May 2015 until further notice.

The lift to the Hall of Liberation will be in operation during the entire renovation period, but will sometimes not be accessible by the direct route.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this work.

Guided tours

No regular guided tours

Audioguide available

Multimedia-Guide available in German and English (with costs)

Admission charges 2015

3.50 euros regular
3 euros reduced

Combination ticket
(Hall of Liberation/ Prunn Castle)
7.50 euros regular
6.50 euros reduced

Annual season tickets/

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Information for the disabled:

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