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The English Garden is both beautifully designed and historically very important as the first public garden on the Continent, which paved the way for the further development of public green areas in towns. With its generous dimensions and constantly changing views of park architecture and landscape features, with its enclosed spaces and the play of light and shade, the English Garden is an outstanding example of a classical landscape garden.

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Object information:

Responsible administrative office

Verwaltung des Englischen Gartens München
Englischer Garten 2
80538 München
Telefon (0 89) 3 86 66 39-0
Fax (0 89) 3 86 66 39-23
E-Mail gvenglischergarten@

Opening hours

Open all year round

Historical children's merry-go-round at the Chinese Tower
April to October: in good weather daily from 2 pm

Admission charges  

Admission free


Information for the disabled:


Museums under differnt administration:

Japanisches Teehaus
Königinstraße 4
80539 München
tel (0 89) 22 43 19
Japanese tea ceremony from April to October every second weekend in the month: Sat/Sun at 2, 3, 4 and 5 pm
external link www.urasenke-

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

"Chinesischer Turm"
Englischer Garten 3
Tel. (0 89) 38 38 73-0
externer Link www.chinesischer-turm.de

"Zum Aumeister"
Sondermeierstraße 1
Tel. (0 89) 32 52 24
externer Link www.aumeister.de

Kleinhesselohe 3
Tel. (0 89) 38 16 13-0
externer Link www.kuffler.de

Gyßlingstraße 15
Tel. (0 89) 3 22 10 80
externer Link www.hirschau-muenchen.de

Königinstraße 6
Tel. (0 89) 51 72 97-180
externer Link www.milchhaeusl.de

Nearest railway station:

external link www.bahn.com

Public transport with nearest stop:


Public transport with nearest stop:


Public transport with nearest stop:

Bus to "Chinesischer Turm", tram to "Tivolistraße"

Parking space:

Underground parking at "Max-Joseph-Platz" and "Marstallplatz" (here are also bus parking spaces available)

Coach trips through the English Garden
tel (0 89) 18 06 08
external link www.kutschen-

Trips by rickshaw through the English Garden
(0 89) 2 42 16 88-0
external link www.rikscha-

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