Trausnitz Castle – Landshut

Picture: Trausnitz Castle

The ancestral castle of the Wittelsbachs, built in 1204, was their residence as dukes of Lower Bavaria from 1255-1503 and their court when the Wittelsbachs became the hereditary rulers of the whole of Bavaria.

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Narrentreppe (Fools' Staircase)

The impressive fortifications, the high Wittelsbach Tower and the castle chapel with valuable altars and sculptures are medieval in origin, while the arcades in the castle courtyard, the Commedia dell'arte paintings decorating the famous Narrentreppe (Fools' Staircase) and the rooms complete with tiled stoves, furniture and tapestries date from the Renaissance.

The Trausnitz Chamber of Art and Curiosities, a branch of the Bavarian National Museum, is a collection of 750 exhibits including works of art, treasures from the Orient and curiosities typical of the collections owned by rulers in the Renaissance era.



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Object information:

Responsible administrative office

Burgverwaltung Landshut
Burg Trausnitz 168
84036 Landshut
Telefon 0871 92411-0
Infoline 0871 92411-44
Fax 0871 92411-40

Opening hours

April-September: 9 am-6 pm
October-March: 10 am-4 pm
open daily

Closed on: January 1, Shrove Tuesday, December 24/25/31

Guided tours

Visit only possible with a guided tour (in German; approximately 45 minutes)

Admission charges 2016

Trausnitz Castle (including the Chamber of Art and Curiosities):
5.50 euros regular
4.50 euros reduced

Combination ticket
(Trausnitz Castle/ Landshut Town Residence)
8 euros regular
6 euros reduced

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Rooms only accessible via staircase

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Chamber of Art and Curiosities, Branch of the Bavarian National Museum



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Burgschänke bei Anno 1475
Telefon 0871 97494770

Nearest railway station:


Public transport with nearest stop:

Bus number 7 or 7A from "Altstadt" to "Kalcherstraße" (way to the castle: c. 1 km); additional stop on demand from March to October at "Hofgartenparkplatz"

Parking space:

100 car parking spaces, 4 bus parking spaces available at "Hofgartenparkplatz" (way to the castle: around 800 m)

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