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Contact persons at headquarters


Building department (B)

Head: Peter Seibert
tel +49 89 17908-400, Fax -415

Deputy: Christoph Straßer 
tel +49 89 17908-409, fax -415

Secretary's office: Diana Dinger and Martina Brückner
tel +49 89 17908-401 or -402, fax -415


Peter Seibert
tel +49 89 17908-400, Fax -415

General departmental matters; planning building projects and conversions of rooms for particular uses, issuing planning and building commissions, data processing and administration, drawing up and issuing contracts for technical services, maintenance of industrial health and safety standards, operational safety


Mathis Gruhn
tel +49 89 17908-430, fax -415

Responsible for Aschaffenburg and Würzburg; organizational and procedural matters, special library


Martin Bosch 
tel +49 89 17908-405, fax -415

Responsible for Nymphenburg, Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof, Neuschwanstein, Kempten, and Chiemsee (only St. Bartholomä); improvement of visitor facilities


Christoph Straßer
tel +49 89 17908-409, fax -415

Responsible for Kelheim, Landshut, Neuburg, Höchstädt, Schleißheim, Ammersee, and Starnberger See; general planning and building rights


Stefan Zunhamer
tel +49 89 17908-410, fax -415

Responsible for the English Garden Munich and the Munich Residence, central building data


Jürgen Bauer
tel +49 89 17908-408, fax -415

Responsible for Bamberg, Coburg and Nuremberg


Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wiesneth
tel +49 89 17908-321, fax -415

Responsible for building research, building documentation, building archives, general matters of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites


Christa Röthle
tel +49 89 17908-417, fax -415

Responsible for Bayreuth, Ansbach and Chiemsee (without St. Bartholomä); museum design


Andreas Teichert
tel +49 89 17908-328, fax -415

Responsible for the technical supervision of building services, energy supply and general technical matters in the entire area of the Bavarian Palace Administration


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