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Treasury in the Munich Residence

Picture: Crown of the Queen of Bavaria

The Wittelsbachs' Treasury, founded in 1565 by Duke Albrecht V, is one of the most important of its kind in Europe.

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Statuette of St George

The collection covers the late Graeco-Roman period and the Middle Ages, with exhibits such as the Ciborium of King Arnulf (around 890) and the Cross of Queen Gisela (after 1006), the late Gothic and Renaissance periods, with the statuette of St George (photo), created between 1586 and 1597, and the baroque and neoclassical eras.

Among the treasures are not only the royal insignia of Bavaria, bur also priceless objects made of rock crystal, gems and ivory, as well as religious art, orders and tableware, works by Nuremberg and Augsburg goldsmiths and exotic craftwork.

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Residence Museum
Munich Court Garden



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Residenzstraße 1
80333 München
Telefon 089 29067-1

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To protect visitors from COVID-19, this property must remain closed until further notice.

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Further information

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Pfälzer Residenzweinstube
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Schumann's Bar am Hofgarten
Odeonsplatz 6/7
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Public transport with nearest stop:

"Odeonsplatz" or "Marienplatz"

Public transport with nearest stop:

Bus to "Odeonsplatz",
tram to "Nationaltheater"

Parking space:

Underground parking at "Max-Joseph-Platz"

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Verwaltung der
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Residenzstraße 1
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