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Picture: Rosenau Park

The landscape garden surrounding Rosenau Palace has a rich variety of park scenery and extensive views. Created in the early 19th century as an "ornamented farm" covering an area of 200 hectares, it is the work of an unknown designer.

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Swan Pond

In addition to the large Swan Pond and the small Princes' Pond, the features of the original park that can still be seen today include a grotto with a waterfall, several stone benches, the remains of an artificial waterfall into the River Itz, the farm (today the park administrative buildings), the tea house (today the park restaurant) and the orangery (today the event room). The tournament column (sundial) originates from the "knight's tournaments" held in the park at the time of Ernst I.

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Rosenau Palace


Rosenau 1
96472 Rödental
Telefon 09563 3084-10

Opening hours

Open all year round

Admission charge

Admission free

Getting here / parking

Nearest railway station:

(30-minute walk from the station to the castle)

Parking space:

70 car parking spaces and 5 bus parking spaces available

Further information

Further information

Service (leaflets, photo/film, links …)

Museums under differnt administration:

Museum of Modern Glass
Telephone 09563 1606


Shop with cafeteria (self service) near the palace

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Parkrestaurant Rosenau
Telefon 09563 1242

Responsible administrative office

Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Coburg
Schloss Ehrenburg
96450 Coburg
Telefon 09561 8088-32
Fax 09561 8088-31

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