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Small palaces at Nymphenburg Palace Park – Munich

Amalienburg, Badenburg, Pagodenburg, Magdalenenklause (Hermitage)

Picture: Amalienburg, interior

The Amalienburg, designed by François Cuvilliés, was built from 1734 to 1739 in the Nymphenburg Park. The little hunting lodge created for Electress Amalia with its unique Hall of Mirrors is a masterpiece of european Rococo architecture.

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Badenburg, banqueting hall

The other three park buildings were built in the beginning of the 18th century by Joseph Effner for Elector Max Emanuel.

The Badenburg features a banqueting hall that boasts some magnificent stucco work and ceiling frescoes (Jacopo Amigoni, destroyed in 1944, subsequently restored), a two-storey Bathing Hall and and the so-called "Monkey Cabinet". Four of its rooms are decorated with Chinese wallpaper.

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Pagodenburg, Saletl


In the octagonal Pagodenburg, European and Oriental decorative elements combine to create an exotic atmosphere. The small palace is a prime example of eighteenth-century chinoiserie which was very much in vogue at the time.

The Magdalenenklause is the court equivalent of a hermitage: built as an artificial ruin, it has a chapel designed as a grotto and living rooms of monastic simplicity.

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Nymphenburg Palace
Museum in the former royal stables and Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain
Nymphenburg Palace Park



Further information and tips for visitors can be found at


Schloss Nymphenburg,
Eingang 1
80638 München
Telefon 089 17908-0

Information for visitors/ COVID-19

The Amalienburg and the Badenburg at Nymphenburg Palace Park are open to the public, but the number of visitors is limited. People can go around on their own; guided tours are currently not available.

Further information at

To protect visitors from COVID-19, the Pagodenburg and the Magdalenenklause must remain closed until further notice.

Here you will find general information and FAQs for visiting our sights during the restrictions due to COVID-19.

Opening hours

April-15 October: 9 am-6 pm
open daily
closed 16 October-March

General information on opening times and admission charges

Guided tours

No regular guided tours

Guided tours for private groups can be booked here …

Admission charges 2020

Ticket "Park palaces"
(Amalienburg/ Badenburg)
Currently only the reduced admission price applies.
4 euros reduced

Combination ticket "Nymphenburg"
(Nymphenburg Palace + Park palaces + Marstallmuseum)

1 April-Mid October:
15 euros regular
13 euros reduced

Mid October-March
(without park buildings):
12 euros regular
10 euros reduced

Annual season tickets/
14-day tickets

All opening hours and admission charges at a glance

Further information

Further information

Service (leaflets, photo/film, links …)

Information for visitors with reduced mobility:

Detailed information on www.schloss-nymphenburg.de


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There is a passage from the palace park to the Munich Botanic Garden

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige
Telefon 089 12020890

Café im Palmenhaus
Telefon 089 175309

Hartmannshofer Straße 20
80997 München
Telefon 089 92284-600

Taxisstraße 12
80637 München
Telefon 089 156827

Nearest railway station:


Public transport with nearest stop:

Tram to "Romanplatz",
bus or tram to "Schloss Nymphenburg"

Parking space:

450 car parking spaces, 25 bus parking spaces available

Responsible administrative office

Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Nymphenburg
Schloss Nymphenburg,
Eingang 19
80638 München
Telefon 089 17908-0
Fax 089 17908-627
sgvnymphenburg@ bsv.bayern.de

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