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Linderhof Palace

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Linderhof Palace and its surrounding park is one of the most artistic and stylistically complex ensembles of the 19th century. The "Royal Villa" is the only palace King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845–1886) was able to complete (1878). It is influenced by French architecture and modelled on the small summer palaces, usually set in parkland, that were built in France in the 18th century and were also often to be found in Germany in the parks of larger palaces.

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Dining room

Behind the Baroque façade is a Rococo world with motifs from the age of Louis XV of France. Ludwig’s creation in the Second Rococo or Neo-Rococo style, however, shows a strong South German influence: Ludwig took over a great deal from the Rococo legacy of his own ancestors with which he was familiar from his childhood, such as the Amalienburg in Nymphenburg and the Ornate Rooms of the Munich Residence.

The rich and abundant ornamentation, with its many sculptural elements, is thus not merely an attempt at imitation. In Linderhof Palace Ludwig II created rooms of such sumptuousness that they far surpass everything that inspired them, as well as showing workmanship of an incomparable artistic quality

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Linderhof Park
Park buildings



Further information and tips for visitors can be found at


Linderhof 12
82488 Ettal
Telefon 08822 9203-0
für Anfragen/for inquiries:
Telefon 08822 9203-49

Information for visitors/ COVID-19

At the moment, the sights of the Bavarian Palace Department are still closed. As soon as we can provide more detailed information about where and how we will be able to reopen our sights, we will inform you about it here.

Opening hours

April-15 Oct.: 9 am-6 pm
16 Oct.-March: 10 am-4.30 pm
open daily

Tickets on sale
April-15 October:
8.30 am-5.30 pm
16 October-March:
9.30 am-4 pm

Closed on: January 1, Shrove Tuesday, December 24/25/31

General information on opening times and admission charges

Guided tours

The visit of the palace is only possible with a guided tour; we offer guided tours in German and English (approximately 25 minutes, maximum 10 people).

Admission charges 2021

Palace and park buildings
10 euros regular
9 euros reduced

In winter the park buildings are closed, but the palace can be visited:
9 euros regular
8 euros reduced

combination ticket
(King Ludwig II's palaces)

26 euros
The combination ticket is valid for six months; you can visit each of the palaces Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein once.

Annual season tickets/
14-day tickets

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Ticket booking system

Linderhof Palace has a checkout and reservation system that assigns visitors fixed entry times and guided tours of the palace. Tickets can be reserved online, by e-mail, post or fax for an additional prepaid charge.
Online reservation


From mid April to mid-October daily 9 am-6 pm

Fountain every 30 minutes

Further information

Further information

Service (leaflets, photo/film, links …)

Information for visitors with reduced mobility:

Detailed information at www.linderhof.de




Free wi-fi available

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Ludwig's Bistro & Geschenke
Telefon 08822 209

Nearest railway station:

Oberau or Oberammergau

Public transport with nearest stop:

Bus to "Linderhof"

Parking space:

550 car parking spaces, 20 bus parking spaces (with costs)

Responsible administrative office

Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Linderhof
Linderhof 12
82488 Ettal
Telefon 08822 9203-0
für Anfragen/for inquiries:
Telefon 08822 9203-49
Fax 08822 9203-11
sgvlinderhof@ bsv.bayern.de

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