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Contact persons at headquarters


Garden department (G)

Head: Jost Albert
tel +49 89 17908-500, fax -154

Deputy: Gabriele Ehberger
tel +49 89 17908- 502 , fax -154

Secretary's office: Imke Burghart
tel +49 89 17908- 501 , fax -154


Jost Albert
tel +49 89 17908-500, fax -154

General departmental affairs; basic garden conservation and maintenance issues, object-overlapping objectives and planning; department-related administrative affairs (personnel, budget, law, IT)

Special assignments: Tree management; establishment of regional competence centres; maintenance of a digital tree cadastre; horticultural education and training; sustainability issues; research into garden history and conservation


Gabriele Ehberger
tel +49 89 17908- 502 , fax -154

Responsible for: Bamberg, Coburg, Herrenchiemsee (except Garden at Julius Exter's House), Schleißheim

Special assignments: Garden education and garden-related publicity work; responsible for the garden design museum Fantaisie Palace


Sven-Patric Klameth
tel +49 89 17908-503, fax -154

Responsible for: Nürnberg, Nymphenburg, English Garden Munich, Munich Residence, Landshut

Special assignments: Events and accessibility issues in garden monuments; visitor orientation and counting systems; visitor information; coordination of the corporate design for the state-owned garden maintenance offices


Stefan Wallerius
tel +49 89 17908-504, fax -154

Responsible for: Ansbach, Bayreuth, Kelheim, Linderhof, Neuschwanstein

Special assignments: Nature and species protection and forestry in garden monuments; specialised library, collection of plans, aerial photographs, slides and photographs (including loan); production and updating of general plans and rules for park visitors


Sebastian Väth
tel +49 89 17908-505, fax -154

Responsible for: Aschaffenburg, Herrenchiemsee (only Garden at Julius Exter's House), Neuburg, Würzburg, Starnberger See (Feldafing Park and Rose Island), Ammersee (Garden at Mathias and Anna Sophie Gasteiger's House), Chiemsee (grounds at St Bartholomew's Church, Königssee)

Special assignments: Garden-related tendering, competitions and procurement; garden archaeology; explosive ordnance disposal

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