Main information:

Contact persons at headquarters


President's department (ZL)

Head: Jochen Holdmann
Deputy: Joachim Kast


Ilona Zacherl
tel +49 89 17908-109, fax -154

General organization, personnel, general administration


Jochen Holdmann
tel +49 89 17908-101, fax -154



Christiane Kuper
tel +49 89 17908-230, fax -154

Controlling, taxes


Julian Wonka
tel +49 89 17908-130, fax -154

Legal matters, payments


Barbara Goerdeler and Britta Schröder
tel +49 89 17908-173 and -260, fax -154

Property matters and the leasing of restaurants in the areas of Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia, allocation of function rooms; hunting (excluding waterfowl hunting), museum shops


Joachim Kast
tel +49 89 17908-210, fax -154

Property matters and the leasing of restaurants in the areas of Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and Swabia, cadaster, land register and surveying, inspection of leased businesses


Walter Altschäffl
tel +49 89 17908-261, fax -154

Lake administration and shipping, management of the branches, exercising options to purchase, fishing, waterfowl hunting, lake administration data


Frank Vogel
tel +49 89 17908-105, fax -154

General data processing matters, system administration, data processing planning and support, special data processing applications, further training, budget


Claudia Albrecht
tel +49 89 17908-203, fax -190

Co-operation with tourist organizations, sponsors, special events


Kathrin Jung
tel +49 89 17908-164, fax -190

Publications, advertising, filming, TV and photography permission, photo library, sale in museum shops


Ines Holzmüller and Franziska Wimberger M.A.
tel +49 89 17908-160 and -180, fax -190

Press officers, media, marketing concepts, Internet, admission charges, opening times

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