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Contact persons at headquarters


Museum department (M)

Head: Dr Sabine Heym
Deputy: Dr Werner Helmberger


Dr Sabine Heym
tel +49 89 17908-300, fax -308

Responsible for: Treasury in the Munich Residence

Policy and general departmental matters, personnel and budgetary matters, IT and administrative matters, new acquisitions, special projects, special events

Provenance Research Project: Dr Matthias Memmel, tel +49 89 17908-374


Dr Friederike Ulrichs and Dr Gudrun Szczepanek
tel +49 89 17908-310, fax -308

Responsible for:
Prunn Castle, Riedenburg
Höchstädt Palace
Museum in the former royal stables (Marstallmuseum) and Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain at Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

Special area: ceramics


Dr Uwe Gerd Schatz
tel +49 89 17908-315, fax -308

Responsible for:
Herrenchiemsee New Palace
Linderhof Palace / park buildings
King's House on Schachen
Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig II Archives
Protection of cultural assets


Dr Brigitte Langer
tel +49 89 17908-362, fax -308

Responsible for:
Trausnitz Castle, Landshut
Landshut Town Residence
Neuburg Palace
Nymphenburg Palace, Munich / small palaces in the park
Blutenburg Palace, München
Schleißheim palace complex (Schleißheim Old Palace, Schleißheim New Palace, Lustheim Palace)
Dachau Palace

Special area: historical furniture


Dr Christian Quaeitzsch
tel +49 89 17908-325, fax -308

Responsible for:
Munich Residence (excluding the Treasury)
Field Marshals' Hall, Munich

Short-term loans
Special areas: paintings and goldsmith work



Dr Cordula Mauß
tel +49 89 17908-335, fax -308

Responsible for:
Ansbach Residence
Ellingen Residence
Willibaldsburg Castle, Eichstätt
New Palace, Bayreuth
Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth
Hermitage, Bayreuth
Zwernitz Castle and Oriental Building, Wonsees

Public relations for the Museum Department
Special area: sculpture


Dr Sebastian Karnatz
tel +49 89 17908-326, fax -308

Responsible for:
New Residence in Bamberg
Old Court, Bamberg
Seehof Palace, Memmelsdorf
Lauenstein Castle, Ludwigsstadt
Burghausen Castle

Media technology
Special area: tapestries



Katharina Heinemann M.A.
tel +49 89 17908-320, fax -308

Responsible for:
Plassenburg Castle, Kulmbach
Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

Special exhibitions of the museum department
Special area: graphics (Graphics Collection)


Andrea Fürstenau M.A.
tel +49 89 17908-307, fax -308

Inventory of all properties
Responsible for the historical inventories, the office furniture inventory and the IT programme MuseumPlus
Long-term loans and borrowings
Central museum depots in Nymphenburg and coordination of the depot administrators
Specialist library


Dr Matthias Memmel
tel +49 89 17908-305, fax -308

Responsible for:
Ehrenburg Palace, Coburg
Rosenau Palace, Rödental
Kempten Residence

Special exhibitions of the museum department (in charge: M10)


Dr Uta Piereth
tel +49 89 17908-327, fax -308

Responsible for: Cadolzburg Castle

Educational function of the museum, guided tours, special programmes, improvement of visitor services, networks

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