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Pompeiianum – Aschaffenburg

Picture: Pompeiianum

Inspired by the excavations in Pompeii, King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned the architect Friedrich von Gärtner to build an idealized Roman villa, which was completed from 1840–1848. On the ground floor are the reception and guest rooms, the kitchen and the dining room, grouped around two inner court yards, the Atrium with its water basin and the Viridarium with its garden in the rear section of the house.

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Triclinium of the summer

The splendid decoration of the interior and the mosaic floors were copied or adapted from ancient models. Since 1994, original Roman works of art from the State Antiquities Collections and the Glyptothek in Munich are now also on display here. Among the most valuable exhibits in addition to the Roman marble sculptures, small bronzes and glas ses, are two marble thrones of gods. In addition, there is a different special exhibtion every year on an archaeological topic.

The Pompeiianum is surrounded by a small garden which was also only laid out in the mid-19th century. It was to be an "ideal Mediterranean landscape", and still has a flavour of the warmer climes of southern Europe with its fig, araucaria and almond trees, as well as vines, Lombardy poplars and pines.

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Aschaffenburg Palace Gardens


Pompejanumstraße 5
63739 Aschaffenburg
Telephone 06021 218012

Information for visitors/ COVID-19

For a visit to our sights, the 2G plus rule applies at present.

Here you will find further information and FAQ.

Opening hours

26-31 March: 10 am-4 pm
April-3 October: 9 am-6 pm
4-31 October: 10 am-4 pm
closed Mondays
(except: Easter Monday, 1 May, Whit Monday, 15 August, 3 October)

closed November-25 March

General information on opening times and admission charges

Guided tours

No regular guided tours

Admission charges 2022

6 euros regular
5 euros reduced

Combination ticket
(Pompeiianum+ Johannisburg Palace)
7 euros regular
5 euros reduced

Annual season tickets/
14-day tickets

Further information

Further information

Service (leaflets, photo/film, links …)

Information for visitors with reduced mobility:

Main rooms on the ground floor, 1st floor only accessible via staircase

Museums under different administration:

Branch of the Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek München (Bavarian State Collections of Antiquities and Glyptothek in Munich)

Nearest railway station:


Public transport with nearest stop:

Bus to "Stadthalle"

Parking space:

Multi-storey car parks in the city centre

Responsible administrative office

Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Aschaffenburg
Schlossplatz 4
63739 Aschaffenburg
Telefon 06021 38657-0
Fax 06021 38657-16
sgvaschaffenburg@ bsv.bayern.de

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