Information about the annual season tickets and 14-day tickets of the Bavarian Palace Administration:

Annual season tickets and 14-day tickets

Frequently asked questions about these tickets

General information and FAQs for visiting our sights during the restrictions due to COVID-19 (protective measures, closed objects, validity period of annual tickets, etc.)



Picture: Annual season tickets

With one of our annual season tickets or 14-day tickets you can visit over forty of the most beautiful sights in Bavaria, except special events. An annual season ticket will be valid for one year after your first visit, a 14-day ticket for 14 days.

The annual season tickets and 14-day tickets are available at the ticket offices in all our palaces, castles and other sights (excluding the King's House on Schachen and Dachau Palace). You can also buy the tickets at the Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern or at our online bookshop. The tickets are not transferable.


Prices annual season tickets

50 euros for a single person
85 euros for a family or two partners


Prices 14-day tickets

35 euros for a single person
66 euros for a family or two partners

Leaflet "The annual season tickets and 14-day tickets of the Bavarian Palace Administration"

Frequently asked questions about annual season tickets and 14-day tickets

Validity of the tickets

All the tickets are valid for the period in question from the date of your first visit. The tickets are not transferrable and are only valid for the user(s) entered on them. Partner or family tickets must be signed by both users or the two adults. Please note that you may be asked at the cash desk for an identity document with a photo. The annual family tickets are valid for two adults and their children, who must be under 18 years of age.

The following sights can be visited with an annual season ticket or a 14-day ticket:

Ansbach Residence

Johannisburg Palace
Schönbusch Palace

New Residence in Bamberg
Seehof Palace

New Palace
Margravial Opera House
Hermitage Old Palace
Garden Museum Fantaisie Palace
Oriental Building
Zwernitz Castle

Burghausen Castle

Cadolzburg Castle

Coburg Ehrenburg Palace
Coburg/Rödental Rosenau Palace

Dachau Palace (no sale of annual tickets and 14-day tickets!)

Donaustauf Walhalla

Eichstätt Willibaldsburg Castle

Ellingen Residence

Feldafing am Starnberger See
Casino / Island villa

New Palace and King Ludwig II Museum
Museum in Augustinian Monastery (Old Palace)

Höchstädt Palace

Holzhausen am Ammersee Mathias and Anna Gasteiger's House

Kelheim Hall of Liberation

Kempten Residence

Königssee St. Bartholomew's Church

Kulmbach Plassenburg Castle

Trausnitz Castle
Town Residence

Ludwigsstadt Lauenstein Castle

Linderhof/Ettal Linderhof Palace

Munich Residence, Treasury, Cuvilliés Theatre
Hall of Fame and Statue of Bavaria
Nymphenburg Palace
Marstallmuseum / Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain
Schleißheim Old Palace
Schleißheim New Palace
Lustheim Palace

Neuburg an der Donau Palace

Neuschwanstein/Schwangau Neuschwanstein Castle

Please note that Hohenschwangau Castle is not administered by the Bavarian Palace Administration and hence cannot be visited with the 14-day ticket or annual season ticket!


Nuremberg Imperial Castle

Prunn im Altmühltal Prunn Castle
Riedenburg Rosenburg Castle (Please note! The annual season tickets and 14-day tickets of the Bavarian Palace Administration entitle the bearers to admittance only after the falconry demonstrations.)

Schachen Kings's House (no sale of annual tickets and 14-day tickets!)

Übersee/Feldwies Julius Exter's House

Veitshöchheim Palace

Würzburg Residence
Marienberg Fortress and Prince's Building

All sights that you can visit with our tickets can also be found in our Leaflet "The annual season tickets and 14-day tickets of the Bavarian Palace Administration".

Do I need a ticket for my child?

Children and young people under the age of 18 do not pay admission to the buildings of the Bavarian Palace Administration and therefore do not need their own annual or 14-day tickets. You will receive a free admission ticket for your child at the cash desk.

Can I print the tickets out myself if I order them online?

Unfortunately the tickets are not available as "Print at home" tickets. In case of an online order the tickets will be sent by post. Please note the possibly longer delivery times for orders from abroad.  

Please note: The tickets are also available at the cash desks of all the sights (see above).

Will the ticket save me having to wait at the cash desk?

Due to the different access systems and, if applicable, assignment to a guided tour, it is unfortunately necessary to obtain a corresponding free ticket at the ticket office; unfortunately, waiting times cannot always be avoided. It is not possible to visit the houses only upon presentation of the 14-day or annual season ticket.

Please note that no separate contingents are held for holders of an annual season ticket, a 14-day ticket or a "Königsschlösser" combination ticket and a free ticket can only be issued as long as tickets are available.

Is it necessary to reserve?

Basically you can visit all our houses without reservation. For groups it may be necessary to make a reservation; you will find corresponding information on the websites of the individual palaces and castles.

Please note that the group sizes for Neuschwanstein Castle had to be significantly reduced due to hygiene regulations. We recommend that you reserve your tickets in good time for your desired date at the ticket centre in Hohenschwangau. Otherwise, a visit may not be possible.

Are guided tours included in the ticket?

In properties that can only be visited by taking a guided tour, the tour is of course included in the 14-day or annual season ticket. Special tours or tours on particular topics for which there is a charge must however be paid for separately.

Are there reduced tickets?

The tickets are already priced at a particularly low rate; we therefore regret that no further reductions can be offered.

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