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Mathias and Anna Sophie Gasteiger's House – Holzhausen / Ammersee

Picture: Mathias and Anna Sophie Gasteiger's House

The sculptor Mathias Gasteiger (1871-1934) was one of the important Munich artists active in the period around 1900. He was married to Anna Sophie Gasteiger (1877-1954), who was best known for her paintings of flowers.

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Art Nouveau style salon

The home they built by the Ammersee from 1902 to 1913 with its landscape park, house and outhouses is a unique example of the Munich Art Nouveau style.

The museum in the rooms where they lived still has the original Art Nouveau furnishings, together with historic photos, a selection of sculptures by Mathias Gasteiger and a collection of paintings by Anna Sophie Gasteiger.

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Garden at Mathias and Anna Sophie Gasteiger's House

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Eduard-Thöny-Straße 43
86919 Holzhausen
Telephone 08806 699 or 7605

Information for visitors/ COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, this object must remain closed until further notice.

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Further information

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Access via several steps

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Restaurant und Biergarten
Alte Villa Utting
Seestraße 32
86919 Utting/Ammersee
Telefon 08806 617

Nearest railway station:


Public transport with nearest stop:

from Munich to "Herrsching"

Connecting boat service:

From Herrsching to Holzhausen

Parking space:

Few parking spaces available

Responsible administrative office

Bayer. Schlösserverwaltung/
Außenstelle Ammersee
Landsberger Straße 81
82266 Inning/Stegen
Telefon 08143 9304-0
Fax 08143 9304-30
seeverwaltung.ammersee@ bsv.bayern.de

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