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The countryside bordering the Staffelsee near Murnau is full of variety. This lake is just under eight square kilometres in area, and has a depth of up to 38 metres. With a total of seven, tree-covered islands, it has more islands than any of the other lakes in the Alpine foothills.

The attractive scenery of the Staffelsee area – described by Heinrich von Kleist as "a poet's dream", offers many opportunities for hiking. One of the numerous trails, 20 kilometres long, follows the shore of the lake.

It is also worth visiting the island of Wörth, the largest of the seven islands, with its picturesque bays, small palace and neo-Romanesque church. Nearby the church an archaeological park documents the settlement history on the island and shows the ground plans of the former monastery and the earlier church buildings.

The Staffelsee and Murnau were a source of inspiration for many artists, as documented in the Murnau home of Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinsky, which is now a museum.

General information on the lakes
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Lake information:

How to get there

The Staffelsee is approximately 65 km south of Munich and can be reached via the A95 motorway from Munich to Garmisch.

Paths round the lake: Staffelsee circuit (20 km); large Staffelsee loop (12 km): from Murnau along the southern shore to the end and over the top of the hill to return along the Murnauer Moos; small Staffelsee loop (8 km): from Murnau along the southern shore as far as Berggeist and then over the top of the hill to return along the Murnauer Moos

Connecting boat service:

There is a connecting boat service from May until October.

Information: Staffelsee Motorschiffahrt OHG

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Seerestaurant Alpenblick
Kirchtalstraße 30
82449 Uffing
Telefon 08846 9300

Nearest railway station:


Responsible administrative office

Bayer. Schlösserverwaltung/
Außenstelle Starnberger See
Nepomukweg 4
82319 Starnberg
Telefon 08151 550730-0
Fax 08151 550730-9
seeverwaltung. starnbergersee@

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