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The Ammersee is surrounded by wooded moraine hills. When the Föhn wind is blowing, the Alps to the south look much nearer and form a magnificent backdrop. Numerous marked hiking trails enable the visitor to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside to the full.

The lake is just under 50 square kilometres in area and has a circumference of over 42 kilometres. The conditions for many different water sports (sailing, boat hire, swimming etc) are ideal.

There are also many attractive towns and villages, including Herrsching with its romantic palace, the "Kurparkschlösschen", Diessen, dominated by St Mary's Minster, Schondorf and Utting with the "Old Villa", Rodenhauser Park and Mathias and Anna-Sophie Gasteiger's House. A further main attraction is Andechs Monastery.

Mathias and Anna-Sophie Gasteiger's House

General information on the lakes
(Moorings for boats/diving permissions)

Lake information:

How to get there

The northern tip of the Ammersee is located around 35 km west of Munich and can be reached on the A96 motorway between Munich and Lindau.

Paths round the lake, numerous water sports facilities (sailing, boat hire, swimming …)

Connecting boat service:

Landing stages: Stegen, Schondorf, Utting, Holzhausen, Riederau, Dießen, Herrsching, Breitbrunn

Information: Bayerische Seenschifffahrt GmbH
Telephone 08143 94021

Franchised restaurants and hotels:

Restaurant und Biergarten
Alte Villa Utting
Seestraße 32
86919 Utting/Ammersee
Telefon 08806 617

Public transport with nearest stop:


Parking space:

Car parks in the villages round the Ammersee

Responsible administrative office

Bayer. Schlösserverwaltung/
Außenstelle Ammersee
Landsberger Straße 81
82266 Inning/Stegen
Telefon 08143 9304-0
Fax 08143 9304-30

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