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Pleasure gardens and arboretums at Cadolzburg

The oldest indication of a castle garden outside the walls of Cadolzburg is to be found in a list of land-owners’ possessions (land register) dating from 1464. The earliest proof of a garden within the castle walls is a drawing by the landgrave Moritz von Hessen dating from 1629. In this sketch, the area between the horse pond and the moat is described as a "pleasure garden". The narrow meadow areas between the two baileys surrounding the main castle were planted in the 18th century with high-stemmed fruit trees. There were also two large meadows outside the castle complex with fruit trees.

The walled castle garden – with a display of historical grain varieties

The walled castle garden is divided into various zones. The higher garden area is structured with a network of paths. All that remains of the garden pavilion that once stood in the south corner is the sandstone base.

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Display of historical grain varieties

The Bavarian Palace Administration has planted this part of the garden with a display of many different historical varieties of grain (apart from rice). Free recipes are also available for some of the grains. The lower section of the garden, separated by a hedge, is closed off on the east side by a high fortified wall and at the northern tip by a small, fortified belvedere with a tiled tent roof. The flower meadow with a path winding through it is planted with high-stemmed fruit trees.

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