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Neuburg Palace

Picture: Neuburg Palace

The massive Renaissance palace was built for Pfalzgraf (Count Palatine) Ottheinrich (1502-1559) as the residence of the principality of Pfalz-Neuburg. In 1665-70 the baroque east wing was added with the two round towers that dominate the surroundings. Particular highlights are the courtyard façade decorated in sgraffito technique and the castle chapel with frescoes dating from 1543 by Hans Bocksberger, the first Protestant church to be built in Germany. In addition to the Renaissance Knights' Hall and the baroque grottoes, the palace has important works of art illustrating the history of this principality.


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Tapestry showing Count Palatine Ottheinrich, 1535

The main floor in the Baroque east wing of the palace is dedicated to the art and history of the principality of Pfalz-Neuburg. The former residential and state rooms of Neuburg Palace now host an impressive display of the history of this principality. 550 works of art – portraits and valuable tapestries, weapons, furniture and precious craftwork – bear witness to this exciting chapter in Palatine-Bavarian history.

Among the most precious treasures housed in Neuburg Palace are the ecclesiastical textiles from the Ursuline Monastery of Neuburg, founded by Elector Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz in 1698.

Picture: Antependium

These sumptuous sacred vestments and important altar antependia with Biblical scenes were embroidered in silk, silver and gold by the Ursuline nuns in the 18th century. They are of outstanding artistic quality. Rounding off this display on the third floor of the east wing are sacred works of art from the period of the Counter-Reformation in Pfalz-Neuburg and religious folk-art.

In the State Gallery of Flemish Art in the west wing are numerous works of masters such as Peter Paul Rubens, Anthonis van Dyck and Jan Brueghel.

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Residenzstraße 2
86633 Neuburg/Donau
Telefon 08431 6443-0

Information for visitors/ COVID-19

Neuburg Palace is open to the public, but the number of visitors is limited. People can go around on their own; guided tours are currently not available.

Please take into account waiting times and restrictions such as altered routes or room closures.

Here you will find general information and FAQs for visiting our sights during the restrictions due to COVID-19.

Closure from 28 September 2020 to the end of May 2021

Due to construction work Neuburg Palace must unfortunately remain closed to visitors from 28 September 2020 until the end of May 2021. The closure also affects the State Gallery of Flemish Art.
The branch museum of the State Archaeological Collection will be closed for reconstruction work from 7 September 2020 and beyond June 2021.

Opening hours

April-September: 9 am-6 pm
October-March: 10 am-4 pm
closed Mondays (except: 6 January, Easter Monday, 1 May, Whit Monday, 15 August, 3 October, 1 November)

Closed on: January 1, Shrove Tuesday, December 24/25/31

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Further information

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Access to entrance hall via ramp; lift and toilet available for the disabled

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Archaeological Museum Neuburg (Branch of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection Munich – Museum of Pre- and Early History)


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Bus to "Amtsgericht" or to "Karlsplatz"

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Responsible administrative office

Schlossverwaltung Neuburg
Residenzstraße 2
86633 Neuburg/Donau
Telefon 08431 6443-0
Fax 08431 6443-44
svneuburg@ bsv.bayern.de

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