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Information for people with a handicap

Neuburg Palace

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Picture: Neuburg Palace, courtyard


Information for people with mobility impairment


Disabled parking

There are two public disabled parking spaces at Ottheinrichplatz, 150 m from the entrance to Neuburg Palace. The path to the palace is level (pavement: cobblestones and flagstones).


Disabled toilets
  • Barrier-free WC on the 3rd floor of the north wing; accessibility:

    • Via the passenger lift in the main entrance (east wing) to the 1st floor, via the step-free connection to the north wing and from there with the handicapped accessible passenger lift to the 3rd floor.

    • Via the barrier-free entrance from the inner courtyard directly to the north wing and with the passenger lift in the staircase to the 3rd floor.

  • Another barrier-free WC on the ground floor of the south wing; barrier-free access only from the outside via the inner courtyard


Neuburg Palace


Picture: Palace chapel

  • A passageway on Residenzstraße leads to the inner courtyard of the palace (no steps, uneven historic granite paving). From here, the path leads across the courtyard to the entrance (cash desk and shop) in the east wing.

  • A step at the entrance can be bypassed barrier-free via a ramp (gradient 8.7%).

  • The entrance door and the wind trap door open automatically.

  • From the entrance area, there is barrier-free access to the lockers, WCs and the disabled-friendly passenger lift (door width: 110 cm, length: 150 cm, width: 125 cm).


Palace chapel
  • The entrance to the palace chapel is located in the gateway; it can only be reached via two steps.

  • A barrier-free view of the painting of the chapel at the level of the gallery floor is possible in the museum in the area of the State Gallery.


Palace grottos
  • For the tour of the palace grottos, we recommend that persons with severe walking disabilities and people in wheelchairs be accompanied by an escort.

  • Access is via the ticket office on the ground floor of the east wing.

  • The first room of the grotto is accessed via a ramp and an electrically opening door; at the transition to the second room, a grille door must be opened and an approx. 10 cm high step must be negotiated.


Picture: Exhibition room


Exhibition rooms
  • All three upper floors are accessible barrier-free via the passenger lift in the ticket office area.

  • Height differences on the way through the rooms can be overcome with wheelchair lifts.

  • Doors at least 70 cm wide

  • No steps; occasional thresholds 1-2 cm high

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Occasional seating available, portable folding stools can be borrowed on site.


Palace terrace

The palace terrace can only be reached via two steps.

Information for the visually impaired

  • No guidance system for the visually impaired available

  • No audio guide available

  • No regular guided tours

Information for the hearing impaired

  • Induction loop for hearing aids available

  • Written information available

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