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Photo library

Picture: Several pictures from the photo archives

The Bavarian Palace Administration has comprehensive photo archives, which are constantly being added to by our own photographers and by the purchase of photos.

Around 40,000 black-and-white photos and around 20,000 colour photos are currently available to the public.

The black-and-white photos can be bought as 18 x 24 cm prints. The colour photos, available as large-format slides (Ektachromes) can be borrowed for a fee.

For reproduction permission you can contact us directly (see below) or fill in our form.

The price list and the contractual conditions can be downloaded as a PDF file:
Price list
Terms of contract for the borrowing
Terms of contract for the sale
Terms of contract for the reproduction


Please note that payment in advance is required if the photos are to be sent abroad.


Please send your picture inquiries in writing (by e-mail or fax) to

Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit / Referat ZL9
Schloss Nymphenburg, Eingang 16
80638 München
Telefon +49 89 17908-106 oder -162
Fax +49 89 17908-190

Photography and filming

For photography and filming permissions please apply to the administrative offices of the property concerned.

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