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Landshut Town Residence

Marstall (Stables)

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Burgverwaltung Landshut
Burg Trausnitz 168
84036 Landshut
0871 92411-0
Infoline 0871 92411-44
Fax 0871 92411-40
burgverwaltung.landshut@ bsv.bayern.de

Picture: Marstall (Stables)

Address: Altstadt 79, 84028 Landshut

Please note: Due to renovation work the Marstall (stables) will not be available for events until the end of 2026.


All year round


No toilets available; the organiser has to provide portable toilets

Technical equipment / furniture:

No equipment / furniture available


In the Town Residence catering is provided frequently by the following firms:

Please note that when a catering firm is engaged, it has to pay 10% of the catering charges to the Town Residence.


Landshut Town Residence

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